Metal Grease Filter GF03FC
  • Metal Grease Filter GF03FC

Metal Grease Filter GF03FC


Metal washable grease filter (Flush Handle) GF03FC. 


Metal washable filter 458mm x 177mm (Flush Handle) - lasts up to 5 years. This replaces the 2 smaller filters used on some earlier models by one single larger filter.

Suitable models include: Boxin HE 60, Boxin Plus 60, Ciak-60, Ciak-Lux-60, Elibloc9-60-1m, Elibloc9-60-2m, Elibloc-HT-60, ELB-HT-60, ELB-60-2M, ELB-60-1M, ELB-60-RM, Sklock-60, Sklock-LED-60, Sleek-80 (Hidden 90 on rating plate), Sleek-HT-80 (Hidden-HT-90 on rating plate).