CFC0141725A Long Life Charcoal filter
  • CFC0141725A Long Life Charcoal filter

CFC0141725A Long Life Charcoal filter


Long Life Charcoal Filter CFC0141725A (F00262)


Longlife charcoal filter D 180mm x W 220mm x H 20mm.  Absorbs odours from cooking. This should be washed every two months using hot water and a suitable detergent, or in a dishwasher at 65 degrees C (select the full cycle function and leave dishes out). Remove off excess water carefully then put in the oven for 10 minutes at 100 degrees C. Replace the filter every 3 years or when damaged.

Suitable models include:  Adele, Adele Island, Ala, Alpha, Aluminose, Antartica, Arch, Artica, Atlantica, Atlantis, Aurora, Bio, Bio Island, Bogart, Capta, Circus, Circus-HE, Circus-HE-Island, Circus Island, Circus Plus, Circus Plus Island, Claire, Clip, Concave, Crete, Crete Island, Cruise, Cruise Island, Crystal, Cube, Cubica Island, Edge, Elegance, Elegance Island, Empire, Faro, Filo, Flat Glass, Flat Glass Island, Flat Glass Plus, Focus, Frame, Freespot, Futura, Galaxy, Galaxy Island, Glacier, Glacier Island, Haiku, Haiku Island, Half Frame, Icarus, Icarus Island, Iconic, Iceberg TC (Touch Control with Display), Igloo TC (Touch Control with Display), Joy, Joy Island, Ledge, Lol, Luna, Luna Island, Menhir, Milano, Moon, Moon Island, Obelisk, Opera House, Optica, Pearl, Personal, Plenair, Plenair Island, Polar, Prima Sense, Prima Sense Island, Quartz, Quartz-HE, Quartz HE Island, Quartz Island, Reef, Reef Island, Samurai, Seashell, Slope, Solaris-90, Spot, Spot HE, Spot HE Island, Spot NG, Spot Plus, Spot Plus Island, Spot Urban, Stenar, Stone, Stone-Gallery, Swish, Thin, Thin Island, Top Sense, Top Sense Island, Trendy, Trendy Island, Tribe, Tribe Island, Tuscan, Tuscan Island.